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15 Lead Magnet Ideas For Your Vacation Rental Website

One effective way to remind your perfect guest of your stunning property is to stay in their inbox, and the first step to that is to get their email address through a lead magnet.

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By now, you know that you want to continue to nurture your relationship with potential guests, even if they haven’t booked. There are a few ways to stay at the front of their mind, but one of the most profitable is through e-mail marketing. One effective way to remind your perfect guest of your stunning property is to stay in their inbox, and the first step to that is to get their email address.

Sure, you could just ask them to “enter your e-mail address here…”

Or you could set yourself apart by offering something of value to your future guest in exchange.

This is where your lead magnet comes in!

Your lead magnet should provide value to your “Perfect Guest Avatar.” Offer something that will help your guests plan their future vacation to your property. Create it for the people who are most likely to book your vacation rental rather than a general guide to the area.

Think about the benefit to your user and offer something they would get immediate usage from. Feeling stuck? Brainstorm some ideas and ask your previous guests for their feedback.

To jump-start the process, here are my 15 top lead magnet ideas! Feel free to borrow and tweak them for your property and your perfect guest.

  1. PDF Destination Guide– Develop a list of restaurants, landmarks, and fun activities near your property. Include an explanation of each place and the basic information of hours, location, etc. (Templates for destination guides are available in my Book Direct Pros Membership!
  2. Itinerary for a 3, 5, or 7 Night Trip– Take the guesswork out of planning the trip for your guest. Provide a basic outline of what to do, see, and eat each day.
  3. A Foodie’s Guide to…- Share the top spots to eat in your location for a variety of cuisines. Include the address, contact information, website, hours, and social media for each restaurant! Be sure and include a variety of places from casual to elegant – and stay tuned in to your target market.
  4. Pet-friendly guide to...- It’s no secret people are bringing their pets with them on vacation more and more. (I rarely travel without my dog Jolene.) If you have a pet-friendly property, this will be the perfect way to impress potential guests and keep your property top of mind. Share dog parks, dog-friendly restaurants, doggy daycares, and other dog-friendly spots your guests will enjoy. You may want to include a list of “not” dog-friendly places as well.
  5. Child-friendly guide to…- Family vacations take a lot of planning for mom! You can provide her with a specific guide that’s already catered to her family! Include restaurants, playgrounds, and any activity that is fit for the entire crew.
  6. Hiking trails in…– If you’re located in an area known for getting outside and hiking, let them know where to go! Offer photos, a trail explanation (be sure to include the difficulty), an approximate time to allow for the hike, and how to get there.
  7. Instagram guide to…– Getting those perfect vacation photos is a must for anyone and everyone on social media – they want to show off and memorialize their travels! Provide a list of the best places to get photos in your area. Are there any fun murals or outdoor spots around town, scenic views, private beaches? Let your guest know! Put together a guide with a picture and map details (a link to google maps works) for each location. If you create a fun spot at your property that’s perfect for those Instagrammable moments, be sure and add that as well. Chances are your property will show up on their Instagram too, hello free advertising!
  8. Packing list for your trip to… – You don’t want your guests to forget anything for their stay. Create a packing list specific to your location to set their minds at ease.
  9. Shoppers guide to… – Does your location have fun places to shop? Create a shopping guide so your guests know the best places to go! Share a picture, why you love the store, and the location information.
  10. The Perfect Girl’s Weekend in… – Share the best brunch spots, dinner restaurants, bars, and fun activities like a yoga class or outdoor activity. You might also want to share the best grocery and liquor stores in the area.
  11. A winery/brewery tour of…– If your perfect guest enjoys trying new drinks, you will be speaking their language! Let them know where to go, what to order, a picture of each spot, and how to get there.
  12. Tourist Brochure Guide – Have you ever come across a literature rack full of brochures for local tourist activities? Think about how helpful they would be before arriving at your destination! You get to help your guests by offering them early. Take an afternoon and drive around town to gather up brochures. Scan them and compile them into a PDF (any office store can help you with this) you can send your potential guests so they have a plan before staying at your place!
  13. Romantic Guide to… – Share the most romantic restaurants, activities for two, picnic spots, and top places to watch the sunrise, sunset, or star gazing. Couples staying at your place will appreciate it!
  14. A seasonal guide to events in… – Help your guests feel like locals by sharing unique seasonal events nearby. Create a list of parades, festivals, live music events, holiday specials, and farmer’s markets.
  15. Personality quiz – Your Perfect Vacation To… – Use your email marketing platform to create a personality quiz for your future guests. Offer simple prompts like your perfect morning starts with…, for dinner, you want to eat…, a family vacation should be…. To get their results, they will give you their email address and you will give them a few ideas on how they will best enjoy your location!

One mistake I often see in lead magnets from hosts is they forget to include details about their property! The lead magnet is a sales brochure. Highlight how perfect your rental (rentals) are for the demographic you are marketing to with your lead magnet!

Whether you borrow one of these ideas or come up with your own, remember that all lead magnets should:

  • Solve a problem or provide some education for your ideal client
  • Be clear and easy to follow
  • Something you can instantly deliver via an automated email service like Mailchimp or Convertkit
  • Something that entices potential travelers to book your property and learn more about you.

Do you already have a lead magnet? Let me know in the comments!

Are you creating one? Let me know your ideal clients in the comments!

Once you have your lead magnet ready to go, check out this 5-Step Guide To Use Vacation Rental Email Marketing To Increase Bookings. It will guide you through what to do with the email list your lead magnet generates! It will guide you through what to do with the email list your lead magnet generates!

Jodi Bourne is a vacation rental marketing strategist, educator, and website designer with nearly 20 years of marketing, public relations, and WordPress design experience.

Jodi is passionate about helping professional vacation rental owners and boutique property management companies successfully navigate their book direct strategy, grow traffic to their website, and increase ROI. She is a regular contributor to industry podcasts, publications, and events.

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