Hey there! I'm Jodi

I'm passionate about helping you build a lasting, profitable and rewarding hospitality business that WOWS your guests!

With my diverse career in marketing, business management and customer service as well as my love of travel and experience as a guest in more than 50 64 vacation rentals, boutique hotels and glamping tents, I guide struggling and overwhelmed hosts as they navigate the industry, create guest-first experiences, diversify their marketing and outshine their competition.

I believe in hospitality. I believe in giving your customers your all – and for vacation rental hosts, “your all” means an excellent guest experience, great communication and beautiful, relaxing and well-appointed accommodations.

And I know from the past eight years working with hosts of hundreds of properties that those who strive to be memorable, provide the perfect stay, love their destination and share it proudly… are the hosts who last. They have better reviews. They have repeat guests. They get the rates they want and guests who take care of their properties and share it with their friends, family and followers!

And just like the hosts I work with, I give it my all. I strive to be memorable. I work hard to share my knowledge, expertise, skills, and creativity so my clients know that my heart is part of their business. 

I’m known for creating badass vacation rental websites, for teaching professional hosts how to brand, build and proactively market their business – plus my goofball sense of humor, East Texas twang, frequent road trips and my sweet lab Jolene!

Ready to get started?

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Bite-size episodes full of actionable tips, tools, and strategies for savvy hosts who want to market their business, increase bookings, and create a rewarding, sustainable professional, profitable, and sustainable vacation rental business!

You can find me

If I’m not at my desk working on a website or zooming in a coaching call, you’ll find me watching the latest streaming series with my hubby, hanging out with my family, listening to live country or classic rock or checking out a vacation rental – (sometimes with Jolene along for the ride.)


What you'll find when you work with me...

What you see is what you get

I am a small town girl with a small town life. I have tons of personality and you will experience it. I am fun and funny and a little bit irreverent. I sometimes plan happy hour coaching calls and meetings. I love to share in your successes with virtual high fives and you WILL meet my dogs! I believe in authenticity and I’m as me as me can be.

I'm dedicated to my clients.

You will always work directly with me. You aren’t passed over to an “account manager” on my team. I design your website. I answer your questions. I help you meet your goals. My team is here to support the work I do with you, but I have my hands deep in every project. This sometimes means I am too busy to take on new work, so I may have a waiting list.

I teach with humor and heart.

I often work with clients who are not tech savvy or have no marketing or business experience. I enjoy teaching and will provide tools to help you learn, including video follow-up and screen sharing. Whatever it takes! I’ve been told I go “above and beyond.” But, because of that I’m often sent thank you cards, gifted a bottle of bourbon and several hosts have given me a free stay at their rental!!

I don't believe in bullshit!

I will tell you the truth about your business. Some businesses are not ready for direct bookings. Some business owners need more help than they know. I will give you advice you didn’t ask for. But I will NEVER lie to you about how easy it is going to be or how soon it’s going to happen.

I care about your guests

I’m in this because I love travel, experiences and hospitality. My success is your amazing reviews. I only work with hosts who strive to provide an exceptional experience. I am the only vacation rental consultant who cares as much about your guests’ experience as you do. If bad reviews are okay with you, that’s not okay with me.

I only wish I had started working with Jodi much earlier. I would be much further along in my business.

I have worked with Jodi for nearly two years, and she has helped my business tremendously! During that time I have grown from four to twelve properties, and her services have supported me in many ways. Jodi will definitely help your STR business!

"Jodi is my top marketing Guru for the Vacation Rental Success Podcast - she's been on seven times since I was first introduced to her in 2018 and she ALWAYS over-delivers. She worked with my team on Pinterest Marketing and her knowledge blew me away. I highly recommend her for any and all things vacation rental."

Are you ready to elevate your vacation rental business, attract the perfect guests, increase bookings and outshine the competition?

I help hosts of guest-focused vacation rentals (Airbnb, Short Term Rental, Glamping, Boutique Hotel) build a more professional business, create a guest experience brand, diversify their marketing and achieve more bookings from guests who can’t wait to return and tell their friends!

Get To Know Me...

I was a single mom for 15 years.

AJ, Savannah & Kati. My youngest is 20 and my oldest is 30. they taught me love, hope and faith. (In that order).

I lived with my parents while raising my kids and going to college and I still live 7 miles away from them.

They met in junior high and have been married 54 years – they still dance on the front porch to George Jones and hold hands watching TV. I’m blessed beyond measure to have had their support. 

My husband and I were neighbors growing up... but didn't get married until 28 years later!

Don’t you love a good love story? He was one of my crushes but was a few years older. Now, we are best friends, business owners, dog parents, and still can’t believe our paths crossed again in 2013!

I will always, always have a dog or two..or three.

We adopted Jolene, my sweet black lab girl in 2020 after we lost Abby in 2019. We also have my daughter Kati’s dog, Oscar (the grouch). I remember every dog I’ve ever had and still miss some of them so much I dream about them (Lacy, Marley, Taz, Lady, Prince, Leo Long Ears…)

I cry when I read reviews from my clients or receive special gifts.

I really bond with my clients and students so when I get a thank you card, a gift in the mail, a bottle of bourbon or a kind email or Facebook review, it makes me bawl like a baby. I print them and keep them on a bulletin board – they inspire me to do my best work every single day.

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Instagram is the best place to showcase your property, share your destination & guest experience and build relationships with potential guests...

A 2023  study revealed tourism is getting more engagement on Instagram than almost any other content – and YOU have the content people are searching for! Learn my Instagram framework that has helped many of my clients gain amazing results and nearly all their direct bookings from Instagram!

"Jodi's knowledge of the vacation rental industry has helped us save so much time, money, and frustration. She's been part of this project from the beginning - with advice, support, teaching systems, and processes, plus the beautiful website and marketing. We are thankful for her mentoring and support. She knows what our guests want and the experience we want to give them and she helped us create that perfect place. She's a true partner."

Ready for a badass hosting biz that shines online, WOWs your guests and makes your competition irrelevant?

I’m Here For Ya!

Get To Know me

Why should you trust me with your business and your guests?? Find out!

Become A Savvy Host Insider!

Get free tips, expert advice and insights for professional hosts ready to elevate their brand and get more bookings from guests you love! 

Get To Know me

Why should you trust me with your business and your guests?? Find out!

Become A Savvy Host Insider!

Get free tips, expert advice and insights for professional hosts ready to elevate their brand and get more bookings from guests you love!