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Coaching, education, marketing and web design for professional hosts like you ready to
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Ready To Get Started?

Are you ready to elevate your STR / Airbnb / vacation rental business, attract the perfect guests, increase your ROI and have the freedom to make your own rules?

No matter what you may have heard, starting, building and growing your own vacation rental business isn’t easy. And growing it to profitability is even harder.  Stop playing frustrating guessing games, struggling with the latest strategy or tool, and trying to do all the marketing, guest communications and all the things…I’m here to help. 

I help guest-focused vacation rental (Airbnb, Short Term Rental, Glamping, Boutique Hotel) hosts build a more professional business, create a guest experience brand, diversify their marketing and achieve more bookings from guests who can’t wait to return and tell their friends!

Get Expert Help

1:1 Business Coaching

Through personalized one-to-one coaching, I’ll be your partner and mentor and hold you accountable as you start or grow your business, increase bookings, and add systems for a more professional, guest-first experience.  My coaching programs are for you if you are new to the industry, are ready to elevate and grow or need expert guidance to start booking direct.

Learn To Market Your Properties & Book Direct

VIP Intensive Coaching

Stop wasting time asking for help in Facebook groups or searching through Youtube videos. My VIP Intensive Coaching Program is a “Done-With-You” training to help you create a content and destination marketing strategy using my Content Marketing Traffic Circle Framework that includes creating and marketing your destination and guest-first experience with blog content, email marketing, social media and PR. 

Marketing & Design Services

Marketing Audits

Elevate Your Online Presence

Achieve clarity by pinpointing what works and what doesn’t in my live laser-focused audit, covering all aspects of your marketing.  You’re not just handed a laundry list of what’s wrong, but real-time insights and recommendations plus an action plan and follow-up support. Choose from a full-scope audit of your entire online presence or a targetted audit of one or two tactics or systems.

Pricing dependent on number of properties and other factors. Get in touch to learn more.

Elevate Your Brand & book Direct

Vacation Rental Websites

Not just any ol’ website, my elevated sites are designed with a modern style that immediately tells your brand story, captures your guest experience and creates desire. Show availability, accept bookings, and take payments – right from your website and PMS system integration.

I have worked with Jodi for nearly two years, and she has helped my business tremendously! During that time I have grown from four to twelve properties, and her services have supported me in many ways. Jodi will definitely help your STR business!

"Jodi is smart, cunning and up to date on all the rapidly changing needs of short term rental hosts. Jodi helped me get my property setup, social media profiles dialed in and got everything working nicely together. If you're having ANY trouble with your vacation rental listing, I'd recommend reaching out to Jodi!"

I only wish I had started working with Jodi much earlier. I would be much further along in my business.

Learn With My Support

Education & Resources

Vacation Rental Marketing and branding is hard. It’s crucial to understand social media, email marketing, and content marketing to use these tactics correctly. My group coaching, courses, and free resources will help you get started – no matter your experience or budget. 

Are we a good fit? Let's see!

The owners I work best with are passionate about excellent hospitality, creating comfortable and well-appointed vacation homes, and helping their guests experience an amazing vacation.

They are ready to work – and even if they don’t have time to do “all the things” they know that to reap the rewards, they have to put in effort and investment.

When we work together building your website or dialing in your social media strategy, or working on your content marketing, it’s a partnership.

I help you build and implement business and marketing strategies, give advice based on my experience and help you create more than just a vacation home, but a lasting, profitable, independent vacation rental brand.

With my diverse career in marketing, business management and customer service as well as my love of travel and experience as a guest in more than 50 vacation rentals, boutique hotels and glamping tents, I guide struggling and overwhelmed hosts as they navigate the industry, create guest-first experiences, diversify their marketing and outshine their competition.

"Jodi's knowledge of the vacation rental industry has helped us save so much time, money, and frustration. She's been part of this project from the beginning - with advice, support, teaching systems, and processes, plus the beautiful website and marketing. We are thankful for her mentoring and support. She knows what our guests want and the experience we want to give them and she helped us create that perfect place. She's a true partner."

Are you ready to build a guest-first vacation rental business that attracts better guests, puts profits back in your pocket and gives you the freedom to make your own rules?

We had the privilege of being introduced to Jodi through an acquaintance to ultimately find various ways to improve our rental business and even begin to take bookings directly.During our initial consultation, we were excited to find out that, with Jodi’s help, we could accomplish all this and more. We were sold and started working with Jodi immediately.

What began with the assistance of promoting our business on social media ultimately culminated in so much more! She helped us make decisions that helped our guest experience, reviewed and increased our pricing, edited our listing descriptions and gave us a much better understanding of the algorithms and analytics involved to make better marketing decisions.

She also built a beautiful custom-designed website and helped us build out a booking and guest communications system with Owner Rez.

The results have been incredible, demonstrated by a significant increase in the income generated with all our units, a better understanding of the industry and a tremendous sense of pride at what we’ve been able to accomplish with the help of Jodi and her team. For example, one of our most popular units has already produced a 50% increase in the first six months of 2022 in contrast to the same timeframe of 2021. Absolutely incredible!

If you have ever considered taking your vacation rental business to the next level, you truly owe it to yourself to reach out to Jodi. It will be one of the best decisions you could ever make in your business.