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Jodi is a communications and marketing expert with experience in a number of industries from non-profit communications to digital marketing for online course creators. In the last ten years, she has focused on helping small business owners in the hospitality industry create and build their businesses –  specializing in destination marketing and vacation rentals since 2014.  

Jodi has a degree in Public Relations from Texas State University and has experience speaking on television, radio, podcasts, and in front of groups of up to 400 attendees. She speaks with humor, heart and a no-BS attitude to provide insights from multiple perspectives in customer service and hospitality management, public relations,  digital marketing, and small business ownership as well as her experience as a guest at more than 50 vacation rentals. 

She has spoken on multiple podcasts, written for industry publications, and given workshop presentations for in-person and virtual conferences and summits.  

Featured Presentations

Your Perfect Guest & Your Unique Offer

Building a lasting hospitality business requires a deep understanding of your Perfect Guest Avatar™ and how to customize an experience just for them.  In this presentation, I’ll use concrete examples to explain how knowing your perfect guest will change everything about the way you build, grow and differentiate your hospitality business – increasing ROI and personal enjoyment.  

Can be easily customized for workshops or podcasts.

The Book Direct Marketing Roadmap™

Every online business needs a marketing funnel – a systemized method of building an engaged audience, generating website traffic, growing your leads, and creating touchpoints for successful sales. The vacation rental business is no different.  In this presentation, I share key strategies taken from my group coaching and explain the steps needed to build a marketing funnel for your vacation rental business, without the overwhelm. 

The Four Keys To Vacation Rental Branding

The cream rises to the top!  In this presentation, I break down the four keys to successful branding and marketing of your vacation rental business – messaging, imagery, experience, and metrics.

* Can be customized for a workshop or podcast.

Creating And Marketing A Guest First Experience

Where does the guest experience begin and when does it end?  Many hosts focus on the experience while guests are booked, but don’t think about the pre-booking or post-booking experience.  In this presentation, I share unique ways to create a guest first experience

Jodi is a vacation rental business and marketing consultant, website designer and teacher. She has multiple courses, leads a yearly group coaching and mentorship program and is co-founder with Heather Bayer of the Vacation Rental Formula Business School.

She is known for creating elevated book-direct websites,  teaching hosts how to market their business, achieve more direct bookings, and create guest-first experiences.

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Workshops & Podcast Topics

Creating A Rockstar Social Media Strategy

I share my step-by-step formula for creating and implementing a social media strategy using a case study from a Glamping Business client who is 100% book-direct. 

Using Email Marketing To Increase Bookings

In this workshop, I’ll share examples of successful lead magnets, explain the “travelers” journey to the lead and explain all the tech and implementation steps to a successful strategy that turns lookers into bookers. 

Your Perfect Guest Avatar™

I’ll take guests and listeners through my popular workbook to explain why and how to create detailed avatars with examples of how to use them to add features, create better experiences, brand and market their business. 

Additional Topics

I can speak to multiple strategies for marketing, branding, hospitality and business growth from 10 years of working with individual property owners in multiple niches. Examples include creating a luxury experience, glamping, upsells, website tips, Instagram tips, working with influencers, blogging & SEO, destination marketing, business values and mission, competition research and differentiating, guest communications, and more.

Podcast Episodes

Email Marketing 3-part series

Short Term Rental Marketing Mix

5 Reasons To Use Social Media For Your Rental Business

Marketing The Guest Experience

Learning To Trust The Process

Facebook Ads

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Jodi is one of my go-to marketing experts for the podcast... As usual, she has over-delivered with how much she gives of her knowledge. (Said during a recent podcast episode.)

I heard people talking about a presentation this morning and how fun it was - I knew had to be yours.

After I had you on the virtual summit last year I knew I wanted you back for the live event.

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your email marketing series.You've inspired me to start doing more of this with my property. (from Vacation Rental Formula Podcast)

Every time I hear you are going to be on a podcast, I put it in my calendar. I've learned so much from you for free I want to give you a free stay at my property in return.

Since the first time I heard Jodi speak, I follow everything she says and watch every video she posts... I always learn something new from her. She is a true expert."

The presentation Jodi gave at the Women's Conference was worth the price of my ticket. I learned more actionable advice from her in that one hour that I could actually use the next day.

This program is one of the best learning opportunities I've had in this industry - Jodi is gifted in the way she presents her information and the amount of heart she has for her students. She goes above and beyond.

I heard you on Heather Bayer's podcast this morning and had to reach out. First of all, it was great and second of all, can I hire you? (she did)

I can't wait to have you back on my podcast - your authenticity is a breath of fresh air. Plus, you are just so damn smart.

Jodi has been on my podcast twice and is always a great guest. She's well prepared, is a wealth of knowledge and promotes the hell out of it.

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Get To Know me

Why should you trust me with your business and your guests?? Find out!

Become A Savvy Host Insider!

Get free tips, expert advice and insights for professional hosts ready to elevate their brand and get more bookings from guests you love!