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Website Maintenance Requests

Please use the forms and links below to submit change requests and blog posts. I have a variety of maintenance plans, so verify with me if you are unsure which plan you purchased.   

  • Change requests must be received by the 15th of the month.
  • If you have an ASAP request, submit it using the form and email me as well to see if it is possible within your timeline.
  • All changes are made in the order received by each client. 
  • Most changes should occur within 3-5 business days, but are not guaranteed until the last day of the month. 
  • If a change request is outside the scope of work/time of your particular contract, I’ll contact you to discuss your priority. 
  • Once your change / blog request form has been completed, you must EMAIL [email protected]   This lets us know that your form is completed and ready.
  • Unless they are added here, I cannot guarantee any requests that have been emailed or texted to me will be added to your project. 

Google Drive Folder

Please use the files inside this folder (this should link directly to your personal folder) to add details to your request and to upload any files that were not added within the form. Pease be sure to delete any images or files that you added previously so there is no confusion.


Get Access to the Teachable platform video lessons and overview. The coupon code to join should have been provided when you first joined the maintenance plan. Let me know if you need it.


Step 1: Complete the appropriate form or forms. 

There are 2 forms.

Form 1: This is an input form below. This form should be filled out with submission dates, details and other information about your project including attachments, screenshots and links to documents, blog posts, etc.  You will use this form every month.  The direct link to the form is here: Website Change Request Form

Form 2: This is a Google Document located in your project folder. (see drive link above).  You should only use this form if: 

  • Your change request impacts more than one page of your website. ie: You have edits to the amenities list on 3 properties. 
  • Your request requires further explanation
  • Your request includes more than 10 images. 
  • You have captions for images.


Step 2: Add your documents and images to the Google Drive Folder.  

If your project included more than 10 images, images to multiple pages, blog posts or the Google Document, be sure they are added to your specific Google Drive Folder.  


If your maintenance plan included Blog Posts.  

If your request includes a blog post addition (for certain plans) be sure to format the blog post as you wish it to be formatted on the page. IE: If you want headings in the blog post, add headings.  If you want images aligned a certain way or in a certain order, add those details in the comments. You may use this document as an example. BLOG TEMPLATE

Be sure to submit your featured image and link to your blog post (or upload your word document) within the form. (PDF’s are not accepted)

Step 3: Submit Form

You must complete this form with the time and date so that your task is assigned in the order received.  

Step 4: 

Email [email protected] when you have submitted your request or if you have any questions or problems. 


  • Be specific with your request.  Do not say, “I need you to update the photos on the home page”  Say, “I have 10 new photos to add to the home page, they are in the Drive Folder titled “new homepage images” 
  • It’s always best to include a screenshot or video if there is any doubt. Upload to the Website Change Request Form.
  • If you have text edits, I will copy and paste these edits exactly as they are typed. It is best to use the Website Edits Document available in your google drive folder if you need to explain or have longer edits and changes. 
  •  If you have an edit or addition of a few words or sentences within a paragraph, it is best to copy and paste the entire paragraph in another document, make your edits, then paste the clean edited version for me to change on your site.  Instead of “ “there is a typo in sentence 3 of paragraph 4”   use “change paragraph 4 to this: “paste the edited sentence here”  
  • If your request goes beyond the scope of work of your plan, I will contact you to give you a timeline and price estimate.  


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