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Using Influencers For Your Vacation Rental Business

Many vacation rental owners and property managers view influencers as freebie seekers and scam artists, but there are also plenty of authentic influencers who can add value to their business by providing excellent lifestyle images and videos, adding bookings to their calendar, and giving them thousands of interested social media followers and email subscribers. Influencers have a powerful relationship with their followers, and their endorsements can persuade their followers’ buying decisions. While the number of followers is not as important as the relationship influencers have with their audience, it’s essential to choose the right influencer and offer them what they are looking for, such as a unique experience that provides great visuals for their photo and video stream. Using influencers is a partnership, and it’s important to remember that a good influencer will only partner with a business that is right for their audience.

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4 Tips For Growing An Instagram For Vacation Rental Business

Engagement takes time, but if you are thoughtful about the content you share, genuine in the way you interact with your followers and reach out to people who like, comment and follow you, you will have a steady growth of people who are actually interested in you, inspired by your photos and will book.

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