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Cat Caszatt Tierney
~ Owner, Caszatt Condos, Galveston

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I’m a vacation rental marketing expert and website designer with more than 10 years’ experience in the tourism and vacation rental industry.

I’ve worked with property management companies as well as owners with just one property and they all have the same issue – taking time from running their business for marketing their business. (and to be honest, that’s an issue for all of us solopreneurs). 

In the years I’ve been working in this industry I’ve learned how different it is, but one thing remains the same, the best way to market a vacation rental business is to set up systems and processes using basic marketing tactics.

I LOVE helping vacation rental owners and small property management companies learn strategies to book direct and I will love helping you as well!  

My students rave about my teaching style and my step-by-step video lessons.   

Use code DIRECT for 1-month FREE!

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Use code DIRECT for 1-month FREE!

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